1. Haitian Community March Across Brooklyn Bridge to Join Occupy Wall St


    Don’t Occupy Haiti! Occupy Wall Street! New York’s Haitian community will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to “kole zepòl” (join shoulders) with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators on Friday, Oct. 7. We will rally in Cadman Plaza at 4 p.m. and then cross the Bridge at 5 p.m. Initiated by Fanmi Lavalas (NY), International Support Haiti Network (ISHN) and KAKOLA among others. For more information, call 718 421 0162.

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  2. News: Uruguayan Judge Sentences 5 UN members to Prison

    MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (defend.ht) - A Uruguayan military judge has ordered, on Sunday, the prosecution and imprisonment of five Uruguayan soldiers who were involved in the United Nations rape case of abuse of a young man in Haiti.

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