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A Haitian Treasure: Jirof (Clove)

Cloves are arguably the most common spice used in Haitian cuisine, even though they aren’t cultivated as widely as in other parts of the world.  Because cloves are so potent, only a few pieces are needed to give mega flavor to a dish. Cloves blend beautifully with a variety of herbs and spices which is another reason why they are so popular. Think about all of your quintessential Haitian treats. The diri ak djon djon, jambon, mayi moulen, griyo (for some), CREMAS, etc. As a kid and even now, I remember accidentally biting on cloves in these different dishes and literally crying with frustration because it tasted so bad. I’m sure all Haitians have had this experience! It’s quite inevitable actually.  My cousins and I used to try and pick them out before eating ANY of our grandma’s dishes because we knew they had to be in there somewhere! Thanks manman. But it’s also so worth it because I’ve eaten food that hasn’t been flavored with jirof and they’ve all been uninspiring.

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Soup Joumou! Happy Haitian Independence Day (Taken with instagram)

#GetInMyBelly (Taken with Instagram at La Patissiere)
Happy New Year and Happy Independence Day everybody (yep, I’m starting early)

You know you’re Haitian when all you can think about on NYE is soup joumou.  Word! (If you want the easy vegetarian version, let me know.)

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Version 2 - HaitiXchange.com

Why we eat Soup Joumou:

Soup Joumou is traditionally consumed every New Years’ on January 1 as a historical tribute to Haiti’s independence in 1804 where newly freed slaves consumed pumpkin soup, a meal forbidden them by their French masters.

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On South Beach, going in on some Haitian food. Love my culture.

Gma leavin 2moro, bt look what she made this morning :) (Taken with instagram)

Riz djon djon (the only thing i eat that involves mushrooms)
It has a real hearty and comforting taste.

Taso bèf, banann pézé ak pikliz. 

Pain Patate (Sweet Potato Pudding Cake) 

Pou moun ki renmen bagay pike… 
Haitian Food!


In honor of Haitian Flag Day next week Wed I decided to post some FAVORITE Haitian foods! 

you know every Haitian household HAS to have these- Plikiz


Akra -so good 


Pen patat - I GO HARD FOR THIS! wooshh——



Haitian Kremas 


okay enough of  making you guys hungry…I’m going to try and attempt to make some Legume