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On Thursday, the President Michel Martelly, accompanied by Ms. Josette Darguste, the acting Minister of Culture, participated in Pandiassou (Hinche), at the ceremony of presentation of the first components of the Orchestra of the National Music Institute of Haiti (INAMUH).

In his speech, the Head of State, in the presence among others of Mayor of the town, the Departmental Delegate of the Centre, the Bishop of Hinche, Mgr. Simon Pierre Saint-Hillien, of Miguel Sanchez, President of the “Société Anonyme Mixte Pétion/Bolivar”, of the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Haiti, Pedro Gonzalez Canino and parliamentarians from Central Department, stressed the importance of music in the proper functioning of a society and invited the responsible of INAMUH to make every effort in order to mentor 675 children recruited to be part of the orchestra in the city of Hinche.

During the ceremony, children 3 to 16 years, after only three weeks of training presented a beautiful musical performance.

The Head of State has announced that it will implement this project in each department of the country, “I am what I am today thanks to the music, it is my duty to offer this opportunity to the children of Haiti. Vive the music, Vive Haiti !”
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A Sophisticated Wedding Infused with Haitian Culture in New Rochelle, NY
We love when a couple’s adoration for their culture is infused throughout their wedding. Cassandre and Alain Auguste initially wanted to get married in Haiti, but when those plans fell through, they thought of creative ways to incorporate their Haitian culture into their big day. First, their ceremony was celebrated in three languages, French, Haitian Creole and English. At their reception, they served Haitian beer, danced to Haitian music, and guests went home with plates that were hand painted by a famous Haitian artist.
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Vicky Jeudy is best known as Janae Watson on the Netflix breakout hit Orange Is the New Black (2013). Originally from Queens NY and of Haitian descent Vicky got her start in the entertainment world competing in beauty pageants. She was a top 25 Semifinalist in the Miss NY USA competition, where she also took home the title of Miss Photogenic. As a college student, Vicky began to seriously study the craft of acting and gained experience in the indie film world. Her emotionally nuanced performances coupled with her professionalism created fast opportunities. A humanitarian at heart, Vicky is an avid reader in holistic health who, when not on set, can be found empowering the youth in her urban community.

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Crisis in Paradise for Dominicans with Haitian Heritage - Katia Ulysse

So you’ve learned to trill your “r” in the Spanish word for parsley. They don’t care. ¿dónde está tu país?

You were born in the Dominican Republic; everyone in your family–dating back to 1929–has a lot of Dominican in them. You call yourself Dominican. You feel Dominican. You speak like a native-born Dominican. They don’t care. ¿dónde está su casa? Naciste dónde? ¿When? Ten years ago? They tell you that’s just not good enough.

Dominican. The word is written in blood, your blood. The word filters through your veins, delivering borrowed memories to your heart. Si usted nació aquí antes de 1929, you’re so good to go, you can stay. If you were born in the Dominican Republic, say way back in 1928–that would make you 85 years old. At 85, no one expects you to have any babies. If you’re 85 and up, you’re safe. You can breathe now.

¿Hablas kreyòl ayisyen? Good, because now you have been elected maestra de vocabulario for children who don’t know the other place and don’t speak the other language. They’d never set foot on the other soil. They have to learn the other ways quickly. Here’s the vocabulary you have to teach : Dominican. Illegal. Immigrant. Citizenship. Revoked. Stateless. Homeless. Crisis. Paradise. Lost. Big concepts for children to learn, but you have to start teaching your lesson. You have to use every strategy you know. Teach them to make connections: Text to self; text to world; text to text: Haitian. Not. Illegal. Teach the children why the word Antihatianismo has been in their common core for a long, long time. Teach them before putting them to bed at night When morning comes, maybe they’ll think it was all just a dream. A dream from far away. Far like paradise. A dream that must be forgotten. Fast.