Haitian artist Junior Fritz Jacquet.
"He explores and experiments with folding and crumpling techniques, innovating with his fingers methods still undiscovered to create forms and craft poetic objects, that visually enhance any surrounding. The origins of his unique technique are still heavily inspired by the traditional art of origami, using only one sheet of paper.” [x]
«Il explore et expérimente des techniques de pli et de froissage et imagine, sous ses doigts, des chemins inédits pour créer des formes et objets poétiques qui décoreront votre quotidien. Pliage, froissage, choix et traitement du papier… Junior Fritz Jacquet a développé une technique inspirée des techniques ancestrales de l’origami, à partir de feuilles d‘un seul tenant.» [x]
"Nan Memwa 12.01.10"
Art by Bousiko

“Pour tes yeux”Acrylique sur toile30X40 pouces Peinture de Hugues Berthin Ferol”A hauteur de poésie, je donne mon cœur morceau après morceau, A odeur de peinture je verse mon sang goutte après goutte…”Paroles de l’artiste 

Sneak a peak to this painting entitled: “Haitian Pearl”. It’s an oil on canvas by the artist, Patrick Noze. Beautiful portrait of our Sarodj Bertin, which will be used in contribution to her Foundation “Sarodj For a Purpose”.
According to the artist, this painting is how he envision Sarodj as a woman of beauty symbolic of the Haitian culture; is his version of her as “The Girl with Pearl Earrings”, because she represent “La Pearl des Antilles: Haïti”.
“Haitian Pearl” defines the true beauty of “une haitienne extraordinaire”: SARODJ BERTIN.

Art vendor in Port Au Prince, August 2012.

Art …BIG NIGHT IN LITTLE HAITI… (Taken with Instagram at Little Haiti Cultural Center)
(via Moonlight and Mangos)

My uncle Josue Blanchard artwork. He will be coming to America for the first time in few weeks. There is an exhibition in the works. Also stay tune for exhibit next year 3 generations my great uncle Smith Blanchard, my uncle Josue, and myself. #art #Haitian #Ayiti #HaitianArtist #Blanchard (Taken with Instagram)

House in the woods By Joseph Aderson 12x32 in. Oil paintingPrice: $125.00 

The Outdoor Market By J.F. Casimir Painting Size: 10x39 in oil paintingPrice:  $125.00