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    Instagram: Didine_Sariyah

    Tumblr: http://ultimatelyimperfect.tumblr.com

  2. Lil Haiti in Little Haiti

    Lil Haiti in Little Haiti

  3. Former U.S president Jimmy Carter continues a visit to Haiti seeking greater rebuilding efforts for those made homeless by the January 2010 earthquake. Carter called on foreign governments to end interference in Haiti’s reconstruction.

    Jimmy Carter: “My own hope is to build homes here for poor folks and also to have—to take home 500 ambassadors, who will be promoting the importance for the world helping Haiti with their own elected government, I hope with minimum outside interference, in the decisions made by the leaders that you all have elected.”

    via Democracy Now!

  4. Attorneys for thousands of Haitian cholera victims have announced a lawsuit against the United Nations for bringing the disease to Haiti and then failing to contain it. Some 450,000 Haitians have been sickened, and more than 6,000 have died, since the cholera outbreak erupted in October 2010. The cholera epidemic is believed to have originated with a battalion of Nepalese troops with the U.N. peacekeeping mission. Attorney Brian Concannon announced the lawsuit Tuesday on Democracy Now!.

    Brian Concannon: “The U.N. put out a report in May that demonstrated the U.N. was at fault for the introduction and the spread of cholera, although the report has a conclusion that’s disjointed from the facts that are in that, and the U.N. is failing to officially acknowledge responsibility, nor is it responding as if—responding adequately to slow down and—slow down the epidemic and treat the victims.”

    via Democracy Now!

  5. Haitian-American Carrié Solages Defeats Republican Incumbent in NY County Legislature

  6. You approached me with a smile on your lips 
    and slapped me five, gave me a pound with your ignorance 
    by telling me that I don’t look Haitian. 

    You shook my hands to welcome me, 
    open arms of your Statue of Liberty 
    and then shook my soul with your audacity, 
    stating that I don’t sound Haitian. 

    Accolades and jubilee, 
    citing the wonders of Haitian history 
    yet you say I don’t act Haitian? 

    You asked me if I was sure I was from Ayiti 
    when you are not sure where you are from 
    and you carry this mentality 
    to the doorsteps of your white houses 
    and your media coverage 
    showing me impoverished 
    barefoot and hungry 
    seeking food and water in the slums, 
    you show the negative of my cultural drums 
    in a light of despair. 

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  7. You see, it is the signing of the act of independence. It’s not just me as an ambassador but all Venezuelans who see the participation of Haitians in the war of independence of Venezuela in a very positive light. Our liberator Simon Bolivar said, “Haiti is the mother of Venezuelan independence.” He also said another time that “Haiti is the father of Venezuelan independence.” First, there was Francisco Miranda, who arrived in Haiti in February 1806 (under the government of Dessalines, Ed). He left Haiti on 12 March 1806. The flag of Venezuela you see here was designed in Jacmel, Haiti. It is Miranda who carried the flag to Venezuela. And ten years later, in 1816, Simon Bolivar would return to Venezuela from Haiti (under the government of Petion, Ed) leading two expeditions. One at the beginning of the year and the other near the end of the year.
  8. How the World Failed Haiti: A year and a half after the island was reduced to rubble by an earthquake, the world's unprecedented effort to rebuild it has turned into a disaster of good intentions

  9. Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

    Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

  10. Haiti Live Radio

    Listen to Harmonik and other Haitian artists here..

  11. Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 

    Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 

  12. RENNES, France - The soccer player, Mikael Silvestre, former French international, will inaugurate this month, in Haiti, a vocational training center for carpentry, machinery, technology, which is at its origin and intended to help young Haitians after the earthquake.

    via Defend Haiti

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