1. T Vice - Ma Cherie Je Taime - Official Video - Konpaevents.com


  3. T-Vice Official video ” M’anvi Gate’w ” 2013

  4. Carimi - Kita Nago featuring Izolan (by Carimi Nation)

  5. T-Vice - Resan

  6. MTV Mobile Video: Haitian Food

    Haitian Food

    Cassie insists that Nev and Max (Catfish) try some authentic Haitian food. (Via Haitian American on FB)

  7. UNBROKEN (by Tico Armand)

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    Tvice Parkway 3 - haitianbeatz.com (by jacobinNoir)

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    “La Belle Vie: The Good Life” Documentary

    Great Documentary of a Haitian American’s Journey To Find The Beauty In Her History, The Haitian American Story 

    Color and Class Is Investigated, Hope and Aspiration Documented, and Identity Struggles Discussed

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    I’ve been looking for this song for forever!!!! I used to have this CD when i was younger and i played this song OUT!!!!!!!

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  11. This is Haiti !! Mwen se ayisyien, Sa se Ayiti (by BigOsmusic)

  12. Haitian Jonas- Things Haitian Parents Say

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    RAM - Yon bèl Ayiti (A Beautiful Haiti) [Carnaval 2012)

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    Rhum Barbancourt 2012 Carnaval Ad. Go ahead, I dare you not to dance. #homesick

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    Shout out to all my Haitians. We will rise.

    Dutch Rebelle- Leve Kampe

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Sonje Ayiti

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